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Coronavirus Update

18 Mar 2020

All classroom training is suspended from today and will switch to an on-line format.

Webinars for PFQ (BoK7) with online examination will start on Monday 4th May.

Webinars for PMQ (BoK7) will start on Monday 11th May.

In the light of current Government advice to avoid groups, large and small , the MSC is from today suspending all face-to-face training and associated written examinations. All training will switch to an online format using webinars.
The APM PFQ has an online examination; so delegates will be able to complete this qualification on-line.
APM does not yet have an online version of the PMQ examination, although it is working on it. Until they implement this, the MSC is unable to offer the PMQ examination.
APM still intends to launch the new BoK7 syllabuses in early May but has extended the transition period when BoK6 examinations will be available until the end of December 2020.